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SEE: http://diversions.lan/pad/p/erasing_the_background

Once you've scraped a collection, you may want to make orderings.

ImageMagick's montage is a useful

Label %t adds the filename as a label which is handy. In this case it's the inventory number (used as a slug to save the image during the scrape).

This command TAKES TIME. For Preciosa (3580 items) this took SOME TIME and produces a big image: 7808x8378.

and scale it down...
convert preciosa.montage.jpg -resize 2000x preciosa.montage.2000x.jpg


Many of the images are blank however (and all still have the copyright)...

As nice as it is WITH the blank images, it would also be nice without them.
Let's add a function to annotate the spreadsheet if the image is not the "blank one" -- it's easy to filter out cause it's always got the same (smallish) size.