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Erasing the background

An example of erasing the background "in the wild"
MIM Curator Saskia ... shows how photos were made when in Gambia ? taking pictures of local instruments.


Example of photograph from the musical instruments museum: background is neutral; the description of the context is moved into the text


tarzan? https://archive.org/details/TarzanoftheApes1918AndyDivx

Background subtraction: technique usually used in video
every time you have a new frame, the code makes a diff and substracts the element that stands out
simple algorithm that presupposes you have the opportunity to come to a clean slate of the background
if you don't have this reference you have to make the algorithm learn what counts as a difference: have a large amount of footage that teaches the algorithm what makes a difference

in the museum context, we don't have enough images for the algorithm to learn
other techniques: the selection of the color of the background we want to remove

Gimp: Foreground Select Tool
two stages: first you use the lasso tool to select a large area that contains the object, second stage is a pen with which you can select vaguely the outlines of the object. then becomes a selection

Gimp->Filters->Python Fu->Console


peter .... use the profiles as a mask...

Cristina: interest in what's left over in the backround (other objects, furniture)

writing a script for gimp:
it's a sort of emulation of the behaviour of the user, but only according to a series of procedures that are available to the user

existing plugin: Remove Photo Image Background Color