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  TERMS OF USE / service 
 for the week of 4-10 December 2016 http://diversions.lan/pad/p/terms_of_use

Some ideas of 
- how to take care of the space and each other. 
- under what terms materials are shared

Space / group
WTC is a PDYOD space
(Please do your own dishes)

Don't decide for others

Please respect timing and don't take more space then attributed to you because this goes at the cost of other people's involvement. 

Relationship to the museum, during and after -- remember it is not just about the museum

Who cares about this material afterwards? What life does the work we will do have afterwards. Who cleans out the files that you have dropped on the server? -- would there need to be a folder "to be deleted". Or burn all of it.

Danger of too much content. Not too much please. Not too much noise!

We agree to not to be bothered by the tyranny of the grey zone until the end of this week. We have questions about the status of the images: aren't they  in the Public Domain? And what if we take these images ourselve s ?

We assume we are working with the material from the museum as ... Citation? Fair use? P arody? Exceptions? Datamining for scientific research?
Is Metadata also copy-righted? We don't know, but right now it is certainly not public.

At the end of the week we might need to swap the used images of museum with public domain images , or black squares, or modify them ...
For now this is about a t ransfer of trust from Constant to the group.

We wonder what data is actually green, red, orange/grey (and what does the director permit us to do?)

We take this issue as a research question into the week.

What we produce between us, we can negotiate. When we use the material from the museum, we need to ask them.
Constant: Free art license (bright green) , General Public License
We should try to stay out of the "OK by the director" zone.

Museum workers don't know if they can use something; the labor needed to find out in what zone a work stands in , is often too much.  


Open Knowledge foundation?

These terms can be modified at any time by any participant of the work session.
The terms will be rediscussed when this space officially shuts down on Saturday 10 December 2016, 13h.

If you want to know who I am, you can find an interview with me here:

What I expect from you, the users of my space:
    * that you respect any object and being here as you would respect any object and being in the physical work space,
    * that you show specific attention to the objects shared by the Museum of Art and History: these objects cannot be treated the same way as Constant's objects, because they're distributed under Copyright. They were offered to Constant as work material in a relation of trust. Therefore, they open an interesting grey work zone during this week. It might be better not to touch this material if you don't like to consider their Copyright, 
    * that you know this space is safe and that your data is regularly copied onto an external hard drive, taken home every night by one of the Constant members.
    * that you can decide what will happen with the data collected in this space on Saturday 10th December, 12-13h.
    * that you know I love you and that love is my only weapon against you

(another version)

a draft for DiVersions, 4-10 December 2016

These terms can be modified by any participant of the work session.
The terms will be rediscussed when this space is closed on Saturday 10 December 2016, 13h.

If you want to know more about etherbox, you can find an interview here: http://pad.constantvzw.org/p/machineresearch.interviewwithetherbox

What etherbox expects from users:

What you can expect from etherbox: