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Unfolded content of the publication, for printing.

Elodie Mugrefya & Femke Snelting:

Palimpsest of the Africa Museum (moments of ambiguous agency) [EN]

Cristina Cochior & Femke Snelting:

If there's a consensus, it can be changed. Interview with Amir Sarabadani (on the 'Objective Revision Evaluation Service' (ORES) project for Wikipedia) [EN]

Elodie Mugrefya:

Michael Murtaugh:

To have the name of the object: conversations with Saskia Willaert (digitizing collections of African Instruments at the Musical Instruments Museum) [EN]

Van verleden naar toekomst en weer terug (een telefoongesprek met Kris Rutten) [NL]

Sarah Kaerts:

Immaterieel erfgoed, soms schuurt het ook digitaal [NL]

Quand le patrimoine immatériel détraque la toile [FR]

Rahel Aima:

Free Culture? (ownership and access in a global cultural commons) [EN]

De la culture libre (Sur l'appropriation et l'accès dans un patrimoine culturel mondialisé) [FR]

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