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DiVersions publication (version 2)

  • Elodie Mugrefya + Femke Snelting, introduction [v1 + v2] (NL + EN + FR)

The potential of digital archives as a site for decolonial and intersectional practice

How data-based tools, infrastructures and protocols can work with and through difference

Otherwise imagining digital archives with techniques and technologies of networked collaboration

  • Michael Murtaugh, Eventual Consistency (on etherpad conflict resolution algorithms) [v1] (EN)
  • Sarah Kaerts (immaterieel erfgoed), contribution [v1 + v2] (NL)
  • Seda Guerses, interview contribution [v2] (EN)
  • Kris Rutten + Femke Snelting, contribution [v2] (EN + NL?)

Artist pages/project documentation