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Sketchy Recognition 2020 (Notes)

For the online installation of Sketchy Recognition, we plan a multiform online publication that (1) documents the experiences of the pianofabriek installation, (2) provides addition context in the form of text, software probes, and video, and (3) an invitation to participation through downloadable/printable PDF coloring book (photos of complete drawings can be uploaded to the site / archive), and an online discussion / collective drawing session.

Materials we have

The "Carmentis Coloring Book" v1, as used in Pianofabriek
Post-installation scans of drawings made at pianofabriek


Canny.pdf Canny.pdf Canny.pdf

Topics to address

  • The non-neutrality of the frame, questioning the hygenic pseudo-neutral space of the carmentis / classical archival space of the museum.
  • The non-neutrality / culurally-b(i)ased classifications that comes from the quickdraw data set
  • The mismatch of how things are (mis) classified...

Links/Sources/Inspirations/Related work


  • Contour drawing (todo: pick a exemplary form /object)
  • Sketch recognition (version like the "original" project)
  • Combing sketch recognition with contour drawing...
  • Sketch Recognition + Contour + Rotation (demonstrate how recognition changes as an object is rotated)

Possible outcomes / forms

  • Online publication with text, probes, video
  • PDF / Extended Comic book
  • Workshop / Online discussion / Collective drawing session

Working article

The working text / structure of the online publication is here: Sketchy_recognition_2020

and NOW

Selection of drawings

Coloring book pages

Carmentis Coloring Book.pdf Carmentis Coloring Book.pdf Carmentis Coloring Book.pdf